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Total: 51

Name Firmware
BC620WDR 4.0.0
BC620WDR-AID 4.0.0
BC620WDR-AID /TDC 4.0.0
BC820 nk20121212NSA
BC820EXP nk20121212NSA
BC820H1 nk20121212NSA
BC840-AID 4.14.1
BC840-PID 4.14.1
BL820M1IR nk20121212NSA
C-60 E-MC 4.0.0
C620 E 4.0.0
CD820F1 nk20120528NSA
CD820F2 nk20121212NSA
EVE 4x4 1.0.2
EVE FOUR 1.0.0
EVE ONE 1.0.0
FD820M1 nk20121212NSA
FD820M1IR nk20121212NSA
FD820V1 nk20120528NSA
HSD620 /P 4.0.1
HSD820H1 nk20120528NSA
HSD820H2-E nk20121212NSA
HSD820H2-I nk20121212NSA
IFD820M1IR nk20120528NSA
IFD820V1IR nk20121212NSA
MSD620 /P 4.0.1
S-50 E-MSA 4.0.0
S-60 E 4.0.0
S620 E 4.0.0
S-64 E 4.0.0
S-64 E v2 1.1.0
S-68 E 4.0.0
Siqura BC1103 V1.0.0 build 160612
Siqura BC62 s20100906NS
Siqura BC64 s20100813NS
Siqura BL1002F4-EI V1.0.0 build 160614
Siqura BL1103M1-EI V1.0.0 build 160612
Siqura CD1002F2-EI V1.0.0 build 160614
Siqura FD1002V1-EI V1.0.0 build 160614
Siqura FD1103M1-EI V1.0.0 build 160612
Siqura FD1103M1-I V1.0.0 build 160612
Siqura FD62 s20100906NS
Siqura FD64 s20100813NS
Siqura FD67 s20100906NS
Siqura FD68 s20100906NS
Siqura PD1103Z2-E V1.0.0 build 160612
Siqura PD1103Z2-EI V1.0.0 build 160612
TC620-PID 4.17.0
TrafficPTZ Ultimo 1.7.1
TrafficServer 4.0.0
TrafficServer /TDC 4.0.0

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