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VITEK Industrial Video Products, Inc.

Total: 25

Name Firmware
VTC-AR2B4FN 4.29-064-ds
VTC-C2/NZ39 4.29-067-ds
VTC-C2/NZ922 4.28-B3-ds
VTC-IR302/FNP 4.29-067-ds
VTC-IR303-212NP 2.7.42
VTC-IR402/210NP 4.29-064-ds
VTC-IR402/NZ39 4.29-064-ds
VTC-IR402/NZ922 4.29-067-ds
VTC-IR403-212NP 2.7.42
VTC-IR62NZ922 4.29-067-ds
VTD-20V210NIWP 4.29-064-ds
VTD-AR2D4FN 4.29-067-ds
VTD-M30F3NP 2.7.42
VTD-M30V212NP 2.7.42
VTD-M30VR212NP 2.7.42
VTD-MV20V210NP/B 4.28-B3-ds
VTD-MV20V210NP/W 4.29-067-ds
VTD-MV20VR210NP/B 4.28-B3-ds
VTD-MV20VR210NP/W 4.29-067-ds
VTD-MV2NZ39 4.28-B3-ds
VTD-MV2NZ922 4.28-B3-ds
VTD-MV30V212NP 2.7.42
VTD-MV30VR212NP 2.7.42
VT-PTZ220NP 4.29-067-ds

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