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Total: 30

Name Firmware
VBIP-13V v2.0.0801.1002.
VBIP-2A v2.0.0801.1002.
VBIP-2IR-A v2.0.0801.1002.
VBIP-2V v2.0.0801.1002.
VBIP-2V-I v2.0.0701.1002.
VBIP-2V-IZ v2.0.0701.1002.
VBIP-2V-M-H v2.0.0801.1002.
VBIP-3V v2.0.0601.1002.
VBIP-4V-I v2.0.0701.1002.
VBIP-5V v2.0.0601.1002.
VBIP-6V-I v2.0.0701.1002.
VFIP-6M v2.0.0701.1002.
VPIP-2M22X v2.0.0701.1002.
VPIP-2M30X v2.0.0601.1002.
VPIP-2MIR22X v2.0.0701.1002.
VPIP-3M30X v2.0.0701.1002.
VPIP-3MIR30X v2.0.0701.1002.
VSIP-2-I v2.0.0701.1002.
VSIP-2-IL v2.0.0701.1002.
VSIP-2-POE v2.0.0801.1002.
VSIP-4-I v2.0.0701.1002.
VSIP-5 v2.0.0601.1002.
VVIP-13V v2.0.0801.1002.
VVIP-2A v2.0.0801.1002.
VVIP-2IR-A v2.0.0801.1002.
VVIP-2V v2.0.0601.1002.
VVIP-2V-I v2.0.0701.1002.
VVIP-2VW-X v2.0.1001.1002.
VVIP-4V-I v2.0.0701.1002.
VVIP-5V v2.0.0601.1002.

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