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Acumen Int. Corp.

Total: 19

Name Firmware
AiP-B34 1.0.496(Ai)
AiP-B53 1.1.20(Ai)
AiP-E1H 1.0.498(Ai)
AiP-I04 1.0.496f(Ai)
AiP-J34 1.0.498(Ai)
AiP-K34 1.0.496(Ai)
AiP-L24 1.4.36(Ai)
AiP-M24 1.0.496e(Ai)
AiP-M53 1.1.004(Ai)
AiP-P24 1.0.496(Ai)
AiP-R24K 1.0.496(Ai)
AiP-R53 1.1.20(Ai)
AiP-T53 1.1.20(Ai)
AiP-U24 1.0.496(Ai)
AiP-U53 1.1.20(Ai)
AiP-V24 1.0.496e(Ai)
AiP-Y04 1.0.506a(Ai)
AiP-Y14 1.0.496f(Ai)
AiP-Z24 1.0.496(Ai)

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