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Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd

Total: 141

Name Firmware
C2120-I SDC V500R019C50
C2120-I(3.6mm) SDC V500R019C50
C2120-I(6mm) SDC V500R019C50
C2120-I-P(3.6mm) SDC V500R019C50
C2120-I-P(6mm) SDC V500R019C50
C2120-I-Sf SDC V500R019C50
C2121-I SDC V500R019C50
C2121-I-Sf SDC V500R019C50
C2141-I SDC V500R019C50
C2150-I SDC V500R019C50
C2150-I(3.6mm) SDC V500R019C50
C2150-I(6mm) SDC V500R019C50
C2150-I-P(3.6mm) SDC V500R019C50
C2150-I-P(6mm) SDC V500R019C50
C3020-I(3.6mm) SDC V500R019C50
C3020-I-P(3.6mm) SDC V500R019C50
C3020-I-P(6mm) SDC V500R019C50
C3050-I(2.8mm) SDC V500R019C50
C3050-I(3.6mm) SDC V500R019C50
C3050-I-P(2.8mm) SDC V500R019C50
C3050-I-P(3.6mm) SDC V500R019C50
C3050-I-P(6mm) SDC V500R019C50
C6620-Z23 SDC V500R019C50
C6620-Z23-Sf SDC V500R019C50
C6620-Z33 SDC V500R019C50
C6650-Z33 SDC V500R019C50
eSpace IPC1201-VR VWare V100R001C11
eSpace IPC1601 VWare V100R001C11
eSpace IPC1602 VWare V100R001C11
eSpace IPC1701-VF-VP VWare V100R001C11
eSpace IPC1701-VR-VP VWare V100R001C11
eSpace IPC1801-Z36 VWare V100R001C11
eSpace IPC1901-Z36 VWare V100R001C11
eSpace IPC2202-VR VWare V100R001C11
eSpace IPC2203-VR VWare V100R001C11
eSpace IPC2601-P eSpace IPC V100R001C11SPC100
eSpace IPC2602 VWare V100R001C11
eSpace IPC2611-F eSpace IPC V200R001C01SPC101
eSpace IPC2611-LTE eSpace IPC V200R001C01SPC101
eSpace IPC2701-P eSpace IPC V100R001C11SPC100
eSpace IPC2702-VF-VP VWare V100R001C11
eSpace IPC2702-VR-VP VWare V100R001C11
eSpace IPC2802-Z18 VWare V100R001C11
eSpace IPC2811-WD-Z20 eSpace IPC V200R001C01SPC101
eSpace IPC2902-Z18 VWare V100R001C11
eSpace IPC5201-VR VWare V100R001C11
eSpace IPC5202-VR VWare V100R001C11
eSpace IPC5601-P eSpace IPC V100R001C11SPC100
eSpace IPC5602 VWare V100R001C11
eSpace IPC5603 VWare V100R001C11
eSpace IPC5611-F eSpace IPC V200R001C01SPC101
eSpace IPC5611-WD-F eSpace IPC V200R001C01SPC101
eSpace IPC5701-P eSpace IPC V100R001C11SPC100
eSpace IPC5702-VR-VP VWare V100R001C11
eSpace IPC5802-Z20 VWare V100R001C11
eSpace IPC5811-WD-Z20 eSpace IPC V200R001C01SPC101
eSpace IPC5902-Z20 VWare V100R001C11
IPC M1220 IPC V500R019C00
IPC M1221-F IPC V500R019C00
IPC M1221-V IPC V500R019C00
IPC M2220-I IPC V500R019C00
IPC M2220-I(8-32mm) IPC V500R019C00
IPC M2221-FL(8-32mm) IPC V500R019C00
IPC M2221-VL(8-32mm) IPC V500R019C00
IPC M2260-I IPC V500R019C00
IPC6125-WDL-FA IPC6X25 V200R002C20SPC005T
IPC6125-WDL-P IPC6X25 V200R002C20SPC005T
IPC6126-WDL IPC V200R003C30
IPC6126-WDL-F IPC V200R003C30
IPC6224-IR IPC6X25 V200R002C20SPC005T
IPC6224-VRZ IPC6X25 V200R002C20SPC005T
IPC6225-VRZ IPC6X25 V200R002C20SPC005T
IPC6225-VRZ(7-22mm) IPC6X25 V200R002C20SPC005T
IPC6225-VRZ-ES IPC6X25 V200R002C20SPC005T
IPC6225-VRZ-SP IPC6X25 V200R002C20SPC005T
IPC6256-VRZ IPC V200R003C50
IPC6284-VRZ IPC V200R003C30
IPC6285-VRZ IPC V200R003C30
IPC6285-VWZ-LPR IPC V200R003C30
IPC6324-MIF IPC6X25 V200R002C20SPC005T
IPC6324-MIR IPC6X25 V200R002C20SPC005T
IPC6325-WD-VF IPC6X25 V200R002C20SPC005T
IPC6325-WD-VFZ IPC6X25 V200R002C20SPC005T
IPC6325-WD-VR IPC6X25 V200R002C20SPC005T
IPC6325-WD-VRZ IPC6X25 V200R002C20SPC005T
IPC6355-VRZ IPC V200R003C50
IPC6385-VRZ IPC V200R003C30
IPC6525-Z30 IPC6X25 V200R002C20SPC005T
IPC6525-Z30-S IPC6X25 V200R002C20SPC
IPC6625-Z30 IPC6X25 V200R002C20SPC005T
IPC6625-Z30-P IPC6X25 V200R002C20SPC005T
IPC6625-Z30-S IPC6X25 V200R002C20SPC005T
IPC6681-Z20 IPC V200R003C30
M1221-Q SDC V500R019C50
M1241-Q SDC V500R019C50
M1281-Q SDC V500R019C50
M2220-In IPC V500R019C10
M2221-QL SDC V500R019C50
M2221-QL-MG SDC V500R019C50
M2241-EFL SDC V500R019C50
M2241-QL SDC V500R019C50
M2280-I IPC V500R019C10
M2331-T SDC V500R019C50
M2391-T SDC V500R019C50
M6721-InFbZ23 IPC V500R019C10
M6721-Z31 IPC V500R019C10
X1221-C IPC V500R019C30
X1221-F IPC V500R019C30
X1221-Fb IPC V500R019C30
X1221-H IPC V500R019C30
X1281-F IPC V500R019C30
X1281-H IPC V500R019C30
X1281-V IPC V500R019C30
X2221-CL IPC V500R019C30
X2221-FL IPC V500R019C30
X2221-FLG IPC V500R019C30
X2221-HL IPC V500R019C30
X2221-I IPC V500R019C30
X2221-V IPC V500R019C30
X2221-VI IPC V500R019C30
X2221-VL IPC V500R019C30
X2221-VLW IPC V500R019C30
X2241-HL SDC V500R019C50
X2261-FL IPC V500R019C30
X2261-HL IPC V500R019C30
X2321-VG IPC V500R019C30
X2331-CPI IPC V500R019C30
X2331-EPL IPC V500R019C30
X2381-VG IPC V500R019C30
X2382-HL SDC V500R019C50
X2391-EPL IPC V500R019C30
X3221-C IPC V500R019C30
X3221-I IPC V500R019C30
X6621-Z30 IPC V500R019C30
X6721-GZ37 IPC V500R019C30
X6721-Z37 IPC V500R019C30
X6781-Z37 IPC V500R019C30
X6921-Z48 IPC V500R019C30
X6981-Z20 IPC V500R019C30
X8221-F IPC V500R019C30

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