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FLIR Systems, INC.

Total: 189

Name Firmware
A310PT Nexus v2.5.16.0
Ariel 720p Bullet V5.0.0 build 140731
Ariel EN-204 4 channel encoder V1.1.0, build 140513
Ariel EN-216 16 channel encoder V1.1.0, build 140513
Ariel Full HD
Ariel Gen III 4K UHD 20170914
Ariel Gen III Quad HD 20170914
CB-3308-11-I 20191018
CB-6204-11-I dt20150807NSZ
CB-6404-11-I 20210128
CB-6408-11-I 20210128
CC-3103-01-I 01.06.18
CF-4221-00 dt20170314NSA
CF-5212 dt20160121NSX
CF-6308-00-0 01.01.35
CM-3011 V5.0.0 build 140731
CM-3202-11-I 20200610
CM-4221-01 dt20170314NSA
CM-4221-11 dt20170314NSA
CM-6204-11-I dt20150807NSZ
CM-6308-P1-I 20171116
CM-6405-11-I fs20201007NT2
CM-6405-11-IA fs20230222OUX
CM-6408-11-I fs20201007NT2
CM-6408-11-IA fs20230222OUX
CM-6412-H2-IA fs20221229FUX
CP-4221-301 dt20170314NSA
CP-5302-31-I fs20180808SRS
CP-6408-21-I v1.4.0.42
CP-6408-31-I v1.6.0.31
CT 5320 v3.0.2.231
CT 5322 v3.0.2.231
CT 5640 v3.0.2.231
CT 5642 v3.0.2.231
DH-390 2MP v1.0.1
DM-312 v1.7.0.9
DM-324 v1.4.0.42
DM-650 v1.4.0.42
DM-695 v1.7.0.9
DN*14UX2 v1.8.0601.1002.
DNB13TL2 v1.8.0601.1002.
DND13TL2 v1.8.0601.1002.
DNE14TL2 v1.8.0601.1002.
DNV14TL2 v1.8.0601.1002.
DNZ30TL2R* 2.400.FLIR Systems 01.0.R, build: 2015-04-17
D-Series Nexus v2.5.16.0
DVTEL Quasar - CF-3211 dt20120821NSA
DVTEL Quasar - CF-4221 dt20120821NSA
DVTEL Quasar - CM-3211 dt20120821NSA
DVTEL Quasar - CM-4221 dt20120821NSA
DVTEL Quasar - CM-4321 dt20120821NSA
DVTEL Quasar - CP-3211 dt20120821NSA
DVTEL Quasar - CP-4221 dt20120821NSA
DVTEL Quasar CF-4221 dt20141119NSA
DVTEL Quasar CF-4251 dt20141119NSA
DVTEL Quasar CM-4221 dt20141119NSA
DVTEL Quasar CM-4251 dt20141119NSA
DVTEL Quasar CM-4321 dt20141119NSA
DVTEL Quasar CP-4221 dt20141119NSA
DX-350 v1.6.0.31
DX-606Z v1.7.0.9
DX-612 v1.6.0.31
Elara Radar R-290 v1.0.0.33
F-112 Nexus v2.5.7.3 or higher
F-117 Nexus v2.5.7.3 or higher
F-304 Nexus v2.5.7.3 or higher
F-307 Nexus v2.5.7.3 or higher
F-313 Nexus v2.5.7.3 or higher
F-324 Nexus v2.5.7.3 or higher
F-334 Nexus v2.5.7.3 or higher
F-348 Nexus v2.5.7.3 or higher
F-606 Nexus v2.5.7.3 or higher
F-610 Nexus v2.5.7.3 or higher
F-612 Nexus v2.5.7.3 or higher
F-618 Nexus v2.5.7.3 or higher
F-625 Nexus v2.5.7.3 or higher
F-645 Nexus v2.5.7.3 or higher
FB-Series ID v1.2.2
FB-Series O v1.2.0
FC-344-ID TX V2.04.P06
FC-344-O TX V2.04.P06
FC-369-ID TX V2.04.P06
FC-369-O TX V2.04.P06
FC-644-ID TX V2.04.P06
FC-669 O TX V2.04.P06
FC-669-ID TX V2.04.P06
FC-669-O TX V2.05.P01
FC-Series Nexus v2.5.10.0
FC-Series AI v1.0.0.7
FC-Series AI-R v3.0.0.1
FC-Series ID TX E2.01.P02.02-5e6db00
FC-Series O TX V2.03.P01
FH-324 R v2.0.0.46
FH-369 R v2.0.0.31
FH-612 ID v2.0.0.31
FH-625 R v3.0.0.3
FH-644 R v2.0.0.34
FH-669 R v2.0.0.31
FLIR A400 2.7.22
FLIR A50 2.23.28
FLIR A500 2.23.28
FLIR A500 - EST 2.12.23
FLIR A70 2.23.28
FLIR A700 2.7.22
FLIR ADGiLE Edge 9.2.1
FLIR GF77a 2.12.23
FR-345-EST v1.0.0.40
F-Series Nexus v2.5.16.0
F-Series ID v1.3.0.18
ioi HD dt20160907NSX
M300C 2.00-19
M332 2.00-19
M364 2.00-19
M364C 2.00-19
N133XBX 2.420.FLIR 00.0.R, build: 2014-10-15
N233BE* 2.420.FLIR 00.2.R, build: 2015-09-21
N233EE* 2.420.FLIR 00.2.R, build: 2015-09-21
N233VE* 2.420.FLIR 00.2.R, build: 2015-09-21
N233ZC* 2.420.FLIR 00.2.R, build: 2015-09-21
N233ZD* 2.420.FLIR 00.2.R, build: 2015-09-21
N237BE* 2.420.FLIR 00.2.R, build: 2015-09-21
N237VE* 2.420.FLIR 00.2.R, build: 2015-09-21
N243 Series VMSd v2.5.28.58
N243MW2* VMSd v2.5.28.58
N247 Series VMSd v2.5.28.58
N253B8 2.400.FLIR 00.14.R, build: 2017-01-12
N253EA8** 2.622.00FL000.2.R, Build Date 2018-01-17
N253V8 2.400.FLIR 00.14.R, build: 2017-01-12
N258F5 2.460.0000.4.R, Build Date 2018-01-10
N336ZD1* 2.212.FLIR Systems 04.4.R.1210.3N.NR, build: 2017-04-12
N336ZD3* 2.400.FLIR Systems 01.0.R.4, build: 2015-12-24
N346ZW124 2.600.FLIR Systems 00.4.R, Build Date 2017-11-28
N347 Series VMSd v2.5.28.58
N357B8 2.460.0001.4.R, Build Date 2017-07-20
N357BL8 2.622.00FL000.3.R, Build Date 2018-01-19
N357EA8 2.622.00FL000.2.R, Build Date 2018-01-17
N357V8 2.460.0001.3.R, Build Date 2017-06-21
N437**** 2.400.FLIR 00.2.R, build: 2015-09-17
N446ZC302 2.420.FLIR Systems,Inc07.7.R,build:2017-05-09
P143 Series 2.460.0001.8.R, Build Date 2017-04-14
PB133D* 2.400.FLIR 00.3.R, build: 2016-01-06
PB133E* 2.420.FLIR 00.2.R, build: 2016-01-05
PB133F* 2.400.FLIR 00.3.R, build: 2016-01-06
PE133D* 2.400.FLIR 00.3.R, build: 2016-01-06
PE133E* 2.420.FLIR 00.2.R, build: 2016-01-05
PE133F* 2.400.FLIR 00.3.R, build: 2016-01-06
PT-112 Nexus v2.5.7.3 or higher
PT-117 Nexus v2.5.7.3 or higher
PT-124 Nexus v2.5.7.3 or higher
PT-304 Nexus v2.5.7.3 or higher
PT-307 Nexus v2.5.7.3 or higher
PT-313 Nexus v2.5.7.3 or higher
PT-324 Nexus v2.5.7.3 or higher
PT-334 Nexus v2.5.7.3 or higher
PT-348 Nexus v2.5.7.3 or higher
PT-602CZ HD v1.2.1.P01
PT-602CZ-R WW1.4.3.2
PT-606 Nexus v2.5.7.3 or higher
PT-606Z HD v1.3.0.12
PT-610 Nexus v2.5.7.3 or higher
PT-612 Nexus v2.5.7.3 or higher
PT-618 Nexus v2.5.7.3 or higher
PT-625 Nexus v2.5.7.3 or higher
PT-645 Nexus v2.5.7.3 or higher
PT-Series Nexus v2.5.16.0
PT-Series HD v1.2.0
Quasar 1080p IR PTZ fs20171106NRS
Quasar 12MP Hemispheric Mini-Dome fs20171115NSZ
Quasar 6MP Hemispheric Mini-Dome fs20160805NSZ
Quasar Full HD PTZ CP-6302 fs20180124NRS
Quasar Gen II 4K & Quad HD fs20160805NSZ
Ranger HDC MR hdcmr-1.0.1-rc1
Ranger HDC MultiSensor v2.5.30.25
Ranger HRC MultiSensor jpc3m-1.1.7
SyncroIP v1.6_build044014_148
T43 Series Bullet 2.420.FLIR Systems 01.0.R, build: 2015-01-22
T43 Series Mini-Bullet 2.420.FLIR Systems 01.0.R, build: 2015-01-22
T43 Series PTZ Dome 2.420.FLIR Systems 01.1.R, build: 2015-04-23
ThermiCam2 V2.04
TrafiBot 4.13.0
TrafiBot AI V1.00
TrafiBot HD 4.14.1
Traficam x-stream2 V2.00
Traficon VIP-TX 4.13.0
TrafiOne V1.03.P02
VIP HD V1.01
VIP-HD V1.03
VIP-IP V2.02

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