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Polixel Sp. z o.o.

Total: 13

Name Firmware
CPLX301 4.16-B1-ds
CPLX4220TDN 4.16-B1-ds
CPLX4240 4.22-B0-ds
CPLX4250CTD 4.22-B0-ds
CPLX4260CTD 4.22-B0-ds
CPLX4290CTD 4.22-B0-ds
CPLX7240F 4.16-B1-ds
CPLX7260F 4.16-B1-ds
CPLX8220TDN 4.16-B1-ds
CPLX8250VTD 4.16-B1-ds
CPLX8260VTD 4.16-B1-ds
CPLX8290VTD 4.22-B0-ds
CPLXVS01 4.22-B0-ds

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